Receive new skype recording. This is skype #2 in original but it was longer. Link updated 04/10

A lot of you keep commenting and messaging me for her so I finally bring the album of Adrianna. I have almost all of the ruben series and I will publish all. If you want an girl faster then comment or use contact form. HLB brings you the album of Adrianna Martinez. From photos I think she is from Michigan but I cannot find her profiles. She did make a youtube channel you can watch. From what I read Adrianna is one of ruben more obedient slaves who still talks to him! I dont deny because she is most freaky out of them all. Ear and belly piercing, playing with fake blood knife, and writing whore across her face. Only bad thing about this album is no hardcore or penetration. Enjoy 880 photos and 9 skype recordings of Adrianna Martinez. Download at bottom!