Reminding all user of other HLB feature and new arrival.

New VIP Area
We open new VIP area for user who ask about trading really exclusive album. Visit VIP forum for information.

Our Forum
We have forum for all user and VIP user too. New content coming here soon too. Also have NL area can apply too.
Forum Link

Exclusive RG and other album
For RG fan we have exclusive album that can buy in shop. Some new will be share with all vip but for this he ask to only sell. Other user also ask about selling.
Please not ask about this I know all want but this is request of user.
Shop Link

Sell Album
Not want to share new album for only vip credit? HLB now buy your exclusive or rare album. Make support ticket with offer. I give really fair price.

RR Album
We always adding new RR. Go to vip area learn more.
VIP Area link

Fallen link
Many link still fallen and being report. I will fix asap but VIP album and VIP link always go first before I fix free links.

Many great album and new feature coming!